How to Tell if A Piece of Furniture is High Quality

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Spotting High Quality Furniture

You found a piece of furniture you love, but how can you be sure it’s going to withstand the test of time (and live up to its price tag)?

The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get quality furniture. While some materials, like solid wood, cost more than alternatives, there are plenty of options available for people who demand high quality at affordable prices. 

We’ve compiled a list of ways to test the quality of a piece of furniture before you buy it. Use this information as you shop to ensure that you only purchase well-constructed furniture that is designed to last for several years. 

Inspect it

The best way to determine the craftsmanship of a piece of furniture is to scrutinize it. Check drawers to see if the handle jiggles or if they open smoothly. When you’re looking at cabinets, see if the doors stay open or if they automatically slam shut. Don’t be afraid to get hands-on in the furniture showroom!

Sit in it

Chairs and sofas should not feel lumpy when you sit in them. If you can feel lumps in the cushion or, worse, springs sticking into your back, get up and move on to another piece of furniture. If you aren’t sure, take the cushions off the sofa or couch and press down on the base. You should feel the coils push down, then spring back into place.

Check out the legs

Many people overlook one of the most critical parts of a chair or sofa—its legs. Even though you might not be able to see them, the legs are the foundation of your chair or sofa. They should be sturdy and jointed to the frame. They also should not be cracked or bent. 

Pay attention to wood types

There are three types of wood used in furniture—composite, veneers, and solid wood. If you want the highest quality wood furniture that will last forever, you want solid wood. Just keep in mind that solid wood, while beautiful and long-lasting, can be susceptible to getting dents and water rings if it isn’t treated right. Furniture made from composite wood or veneer can still look great in your home; they just might not hold up for decades.

See if it wobbles

The primary reason people try furniture in a showroom is to test it for comfort. As you relax in a luxurious couch or chair on the showroom floor, make sure to also test it for sturdiness. See if it rocks or wobbles if you move slightly. High quality furniture will sit evenly on the floor and remain there as you sit in it. Less sturdy furniture is more likely to move or twist without much effort on your part.

Find a Furniture Store You Can Trust

No matter how prepared you are for furniture shopping, it’s vital to shop somewhere you know and trust. At DMP Furniture, we specialize in offering high quality furniture for every room in your home. 

We always want you to feel empowered as you shop. Feel free to ask our furniture designers and sales experts any questions you have about our furniture. Contact us to learn more, or visit our showroom to check out our furniture in person. 

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