What Color Sofa Should You Get?

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What Sofa Color Should You Get?

You know you need a new sofa, but that’s about all you know. Should it match the rest of your decor, or should you go for something neutral? What color will look best in your room and still cover up spills from pets and kids? Is it possible to guarantee that you won’t get sick of the color you pick?

This quick guide will answer all your questions to help you choose the right color for your new sofa. 

Quick Tips for Choosing a Sofa Color

The color you choose for your sofa will depend on your personality, lifestyle, and current decor. If your room is a blank slate, you’ll have more options to choose from. If you need your new sofa to match your existing design, you may be a little more limited. 

While we can’t offer a one-size-fits-all answer to your question, we can provide some advice. Keep these tips in mind as you begin your search. 

Think about your lifestyle

For homes with kids or pets, a white or lightly colored couch probably isn’t the best option. Consider how everyone in your home will use your sofa before deciding on a color.

Decide on your sofa’s role

The first step to picking a sofa color is determining what role your sofa will play in your room. If your room is full of neutrals, you may want a colorful sofa that adds a pop of color and brightness. On the other hand, if you already have plenty of complementary colors in your room, a neutral sofa will blend in.

Choose complementary colors for accent pieces

If you’re going for an accent piece, choose a sofa color that complements your existing design. Need some inspiration? Look at a color wheel and select colors that sit opposite each other. For example, a blue sofa can complement an orange chair. Another important factor to consider is the design style you are going after. Are you targeting a midcentury modern design? Do you have traditional furniture? Transitional?

Consider how you want to feel

Color has a psychological impact on how you feel. Think about what emotions you want to feel when you’re sitting on your new sofa. Is it going somewhere calming, where you’ll be spending time relaxing and de-stressing? Or, is it going to be in a room where you want to feel energetic and inspired? These emotions can help you choose a sofa color that will help you achieve those moods. 

Be realistic

Sure, you might love the idea of a bright red couch today. But how will you feel six months from now? If you think you’ll get sick of a bold-colored couch, stick with neutral colors. Then, jazz it up with bright throws and pillows that you can easily change. 

We’re Here to Help You Pick the Right Sofa

Still unsure of what color to choose for your new piece of furniture? That’s what we’re here for! Reach out to our design experts for a free consultation. We can do a virtual consult, or you can visit our Maple Grove furniture showroom to get expert advice on the best color to choose for your new sofa. Contact us to learn more.

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